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GIN helps Pyromaniac Chef launch with a bang

by Kathryn Minchew (aka the Pyromaniac Chef)

I've been a member of GIN for over three years but it was only recently that I retired my seat as a copywriter and decided to make cooking my priority. Last month I decided that the best way to launch my new business was via crowd funding and I threw myself into creating a campaign, organising pledge gifts and planning a launch party.

I launched at 7pm on Tuesday with cocktails and canapés for a party of sixteen. I was thrilled to raise 10% in the first 24 hours. What followed has left me staggered and humbled. At 7.30pm this evening I hit 25%. In just over 48 hours.

The direct contribution from GIN was a party attendee and four pledges at today's breakfast meeting. The indirect contribution is priceless.

At this morning's meeting we were talking about business longevity and the role that a support network plays in what builds and sustains us. Pyromaniac Chef may only be two days old but I have the wisdom of many many decades through a room full of fellow business owners each cheering me on.

Tonight I feel everything is possible. That's the magic of GIN.