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Debbie Bird qualifies herself a coach with substance

Kathryn Minchew, Less Ordinary Content

Each week at GIN we have a ten minute speaker. Last week, Debbie Bird from AbleGrowth took the floor with a presentation on the journey that has led to her inspiring and supporting businesses looking to accelerate their success.


I've had some interesting encounters with coaches over the years. Quite a few have taken the approach that the best way to convince me to use their services was to pull both me and my business apart, thus demonstrating my clear need for their services. Well, call me a validation junkie but the parent in me generally wants to snap that if you can't say anything nice then please don't say anything at all. So when Debbie walked into the first GIN meeting with enthusiasm bubbling from every pore, I cautiously sat back.

But over the next few weeks, Debbie proved herself to be something of an unstoppable force and eventually I found myself facing her over a coffee. As I should have anticipated, she was lovely. Debbie describes herself as nosy but I found her gentle probing to be remarkable. I found myself opening up about dreams and ambitions I'd put aside. Thanks to Debbie, I'm considering some pretty huge career changes.

What she covered in her ten minutes was the experience that qualifies Debbie as a true business expert. It was very much a numbers talk with big budgets and big names littering her CV. Everyone at GIN who has met with Debbie has given glowing recommendations for good reason and I'm sure those that haven't yet had a 1-2-1 with her will be booking theirs soon.

Every week those of us who are in the room learn something which has the potential to make a real difference to our business. If you want to join us then call Steve Jones on 07775 995 541 to arrange your visit.