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Richard Davis explains the opportunities in a mortgage

Kathryn Minchew, Less Ordinary Content

Each week at GIN we have a ten minute speaker. Last week, Richard Davis from Zebra Solutions took the floor with a presentation on the mortgages he offers.

3d man with house in trolley
Of course I knew what a mortgage was. I am a homeowner and a landlord. What was there to say beyond a bit of jargon about tracker versus fixed, surely a mortgage is a mortgage? Don't get me wrong, I wasn't being dismissive of Richard's expert knowledge.  Far from it, Richard is my mortgage broker! But I had previously considered his role to be limited to property purchases and checking rates at renewal time.


What Richard presented was a world where what many consider to be their greatest asset, actually gets used as an asset (i.e. an economic resource which can be used to produce value). Among the examples Richard gave, the one which really stood out was how a couple remortgaged their home in order to consoliudate debts and reduce their monthly outgoings. What interested me about this case was that Richard was able to handle an incredibly sensitive topic for a customer who was embarassed.


For me, that is what makes Richard special. No matter how professional we are in our own field, property is a highly complicated field with lenders sometimes seeming like an alien species. One of my own lenders has actually confirmed that their borrowers do not speak the same language and will now only take calls from appointed brokers (it's always "interesting" when someone you pay huge sums of money to won't take your calls).


What became apparent is that Richard is truly interested in uncovering the right approach for his clients before he starts looking for products. As he said, a review costs nothing. And with that, it may be time I took another look at my own mortgage and thought about how it fits with my long term financial goals...


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