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Using Less Ordinary Content For Your Next Promotion

We had an excellent 10 minutes from Kathryn at Less Ordinary Content this morning.

Kathryn used the example of a recent venture she has launched to explain how her copywriting and promotional skills were used to promote the idea and gain business.

less ordinary content logoKathryn's venture was structured around offering bespoke culinary experiences in a unique environment. Kathryn started by outlining some SMART goals for the initiative which she then used to drive the promotional activity. This activity included contacting 5 appropriate local press outlets including the Citizen and Echo, BBC Gloucester Radio and Cotswold Life magazine. Her strategy was augmented with social media, primarily Facebook and Twitter, the two main channels appropriate for the lifestyle target audience.

Kathryn showed us how we could write short and engaging press releases to include the what, who, where, when, why and how approach for news worthy items. Kathryn also highlighted the importance of being available and ready for follow-up from the media when it happens; ensuring the response is done by a knowledgeable person in the business and not delegated to someone that can't answer questions about the business knowledgeably or passionately.

Where Kathryn and Less Ordinary content can help in this process is:
• The initial planning of promotional press activity
• The writing and distribution of the initial press releases
• Proof reading of any follow-up written material

The 10 minutes helped to inspire the businesses in the room and to get them to explore what stories they could generate for local consumption.

For more information or to find out how Kathryn could help your business please contact Less Ordinary Content


Written by Mark Carver (because Kathryn normally does these 10 minute follow-ups for everyone else.  Thanks Kathryn!)