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Polly Gilder talks about property

Kathryn Minchew, Less Ordinary Content

Each week at GIN we have a ten minute speaker. Today, Polly Gilder from Pad Property took the floor with a presentation on property investment.




Polly is a new member who guaranteed we'd remember her when she said words to the effect of "If the house smells of wee, then think of me" (Sorry if my paraphrasing is excessively hampered by the laughter that ensued).

Polly is an estate agent for buyers and flips the property buying and selling game on its head. With a background in interior design specialising in an understanding of internal space and how we interact with it, Polly is a real expert on property and her five golden rules for investing were fantastic insights to how the key to success in the world of investment starts with a commitment to learning your market.

Every week those of us who are in the room learn something which has the potential to make a real difference to our business. Next week on the 4th of December it'll be Julian Grover from Forever Living and the week after on 11th December we'll have Jonathan Moffitt from Auditel. If you want to join us then contact one of the members or put your details in the comments box and we'll add you to the guest list.