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When the weather outside is frightful...

What happens to your business if you or your employees get snowed in or stranded in flood water?

So the weather outside is terrible, the police are advising your staff to stay at home but your business still needs to provide service to your customers. What can you do?

Actually, there are a lot of things you can do and with a little forward planning you might be surprised how easy it ca be to run your company even when bad weather is at its most disruptive. Below are some examples of the products and services that can help you and your staff work remotely.

Mobile Email

Get more out of your mobile experience and keep up to date with your emails wherever you are. If you've got the web on your phone, you've got email too. You can access all your business email sites through the mobile internet with an appropriate data package. It's as easy as logging on using your PC or MAC. Don't wait for bad weather, this could increase your productivity by introducing this as standard.

IP Office

Using IP Office handsets, we can program your work landline to divert all calls to your IP office phone at home, so you never miss a call in or out of the office. You will also be connected to the company telephone system thus still being able to speak to colleagues and pick up transferred calls.

Mobile Broadband

Whether you use a tablet of laptop, mobile broadband can connect you to the mobile internet. Working from home or remote locations you can use your PC/laptop as if you are sitting in the office.

Microsoft Office 365

With Microsoft Office 365 almost any device can keep you connected so you're always productive on the go. Keeping documents online means you can create and edit from home with ease. Access your Outlook email, diary, calendar, notes. Share and collaborate with others using shared cloud storage and VPN access. It's like being in the office where ever you are.

Call Diverts

If you can't access your office you can divert calls to any chosen number. This means that you can make sure calls go unanswered. However, if you have cloud based virtual numbers with Lister Communications you are not restricting calls to just one number. Keep full phone system functionality with calls diverted to a range of numbers making sure that the calls are answered promptly by the most appropriate person, calls can still be recorded, diverted, routed through hunt groups and much more.

Vehicle Tracking

Snow, ice and freezing conditions provide nightmares for most fleet managers around the country. Using vehicle tracking systems to assist with this headache is simple and easy to make happen.

Bad weather can cause untold problems with accessing all parts of your planned journey. You can use the software to assist you with mapping and relaying an alternative route. Re-routed journeys can also mean extra fuel and if unexpected delays are encountered it is likely additional fuel will also be needed. Monitoring fuel usage with the assistance of a vehicle tracker is far easier and finding a local authorised fuel supplier can also be made simpler by utilising the mapping system for real time location information.

As you can see there are multitude of technology that can assist you and your workforce to remain productive during the extremes of the winter period. Forward planning will make sure your business is on track whatever the weather!

Texting Solutions

So you want to inform a lot of people about a change in service, contact, etc.? You don't know how many of them have access to email? Why not use a web based service to text clients and suppliers advising them of changes to your service levels or continuity plans by text message. Cheap, efficient and you know they will get it where ever they are on their mobile phone.

These are just some of the options available to you and your business. To find out which might be appropriate to you this winter why not give us a call. Remember, planning ahead is key and being prepared doesn't have to cost the earth.

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